Former President Calls out Protestant Priestcraft

You may have seen this guy on a 2 dollar bill. 2nd President and 1st Vice President. Writing in a private letter to his wife, which he likely thought others would never see...

I confess I am not fond of the Presbyterian Meetings in this Town. I had rather go to our Church. We have better sermons, better prayers, better speakers, softer, sweeter musick, and genteeler company. 
And I must confess, that the Episcopal Church is quite as disagreeable to my taste as the Presbyterian. They are both Slaves to the Domination of the Priesthood. I like the Congregational way best - next to that, the Independent.

John Adams to Abigail Adams, Oct. 9, 1774; Butterfield, Abigail and John, pp. 78-79. The first Vice President (1789-1797) and second President (1797-1801) of the United States.

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