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Why would a book such as this be mentioned on a Christian outreach site? Because Jesus is the Lord of all things. In fact, his church has a political name: Kingdom. Part of his commission was to "teach all things." And yes, he had much to say about national righteousness as well as personal righteousness. Obviously, some will put the cart before the horse and seek to merge church and state.

"Benjamin Franklin Morris' book has been out of print for over 100 years. If you can find an original copy, it's only because you have looked in the deep recesses of university libraries where the volume is likely collecting dust on dimly lit library shelves. 

Organizations like the ACLU and Americans United for Separation of Church and State have done their best to ignore the content of the massive compilation of original source material found in this book. If Americans ever become aware of the facts assembled by the author in this historic encyclopedia of knowledge, arguments for a secular founding of America will turn to dust. 

Don't miss out on the fantastic wealth of information this 1000+ page book has in store. Your children and grandchildren are not being taught the truth of history in public school, and this book will correct that travesty! Christian Life and Character could very well be responsible for the rediscovering of the truth of America's foundation in Christianity. This book should be the cornerstone of any personal, professional, church or school library." From Amazon.

How do you get it? A free digital copy can be found at archive.org.

A print copy might be available on ebay or amazon. More likely, a new one can be found at American Vision.

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