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Somewhere in America today, on a street corner or at a water fountain, two devout Christians run into each other. They sigh and discuss the news of the day. There is a long pause... One says to the other: "See, things are worse and worse - He's coming again soon." They nod their heads in agreement.

I have personally witnessed many of these conversations. Conversations which all end in the same way.

Truly, no man knows the day or the hour. Truly, there are passages in Scripture which appear to call for his soon return. The question is: "So, do we just give up and cease to work and pray that His will would be done on earth as it is in heaven. And have we really come to understand the subject of future events?"

I see many Christians who have given up - so I must make this inquiry. 


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    • Fatalism does not require any effort. Like cursing the darkness. But to light a candle against all odds, and even against great numbers of Christians is like the salmon who swim upstream.

      It all makes more sense when we view the glory of Christ in the scripture, and read The Revelation in light of the entire bible. He is our only source of hope!

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