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Greetings from the librarian for Remember that Jesus is the word and that readers will be leaders. Even the renowned apostle wanted his books. He reminded his associate to be sure and bring them when he came, along with the parchments.

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Blessed Assurance by Fannie Crosby
Lord's Supper or Lost Supper?
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An excellent essay by an excellent scholar. It represents a needed shift in church structure. Churches need a team of pastors rather than one.

Though a Presbyterian source, many other denominations have muted "ruling elders" as well.

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‍Although blind from early childhood, Fanny Crosby could see deeply into the spiritual realms. What a joy to see those of several races meet at the cross. Recorded in Tennessee, my home state.
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A full version of this excellent production is at the ntrf site.
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Only a few decades ago, a Christian identity was so common among Americans that it could almost be taken for granted. As recently as the early 1990s, about 90% of U.S. adults identified as Christians. But today, about two-thirds of adults are Christians.6 The change in America’s religious composition is largely the result of large numbers of adults switching out of the religion in which they were raised to become religiously unaffiliated. Source: Pew Research Center

What will it take to reverse this trend?

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Allen challenged the missionary methods of his day. And wrote from his extensive experiences and travels. Considered to be a classic work on this subject. First appeared in 1927.

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This is a must-read book. Ignorance concerning this matter is quite prevalent and the negative effects are vast.

A needed study of the most quoted passage in Scripture, by Scripture itself. Trust me, your hopes for this earth and the Kingdom of God will be elevated. In this world - Jesus and his gospel shall surely prevail. Never doubt it.

The author - is he competent to write such a book? Yes indeed, he is one of a few scholars who has compiled a complete concordance of the New Testament.

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Thousands of years ago, the leaders of this world were "taking counsel together against the LORD and against his anointed." Psalm 2. This still occurs on a daily basis and is becoming a huge impediment for the cause of world missions. Thankfully not an impediment which cannot and will not be overcome.

This video is about "the rest of the story." Many Canadians heard the story - but according to the comments section where this video appeared, many of them were angered and claimed to have heard nothing bout the "rest of the story", as Paul Harvey used to say.

     Video is courtesy of Sky News Australia.

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Every atom and every empty space testifies to its creator. Almighty God created the earth for our good and his glory. And He put mankind in it and over it. Now he is allowing his church to share the good news of his grace and creativity. He could have sent angels to perform the task...

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Conversion of the world... now that's a phrase seldom heard. Much less seen on the cover of a book.

Our purpose is twofold. First, to encourage every Christian to involve themselves in sharing the good news with others. And secondly, to promote the the hope of promised victory regarding the future of God's Kingdom on the earth.

I posted this book in the category 'call and ordination' because neither is actually needed for this great work of leading others to the Living Water.

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William Carey (1761 - 1834) was a missionary to India who faced great opposition against his desire to go to India. Strangely and sadly this opposition came from other church people.

Carey became associated with a group of particular Baptists and acquainted with men like Andrew Fuller and John Ryland.  Carey had a burning desire for the souls of men and wanted to go to India to spread the gospel.  He argued that Jesus' Great Commission applied to all Christians of all times, and he castigated fellow believers of his day for ignoring it: “Multitudes sit at ease and give themselves no concern about the far greater part of their fellow sinners, who to this day, are lost in ignorance and idolatry.” 

When Carey submitted the subject of world missions for discussion at a ministers' meeting, “Whether the command given to the apostles to teach all nations was not obligatory on all succeeding ministers to the end of the world, seeing that the accompanying promise was of equal extent.”  Dr. Ryland shouted, "Young man, sit down: when God pleases to covert the heathen, He will do it without your aid or mine."

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